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Breaking a Soul Tie Book Preview Feedback

Please leave your thoughts and feedback for the soul tie book preview below. As I stated in the email, you are a select group of women, and I value your honesty and thoughts. I am taking a different approach with this work and being even more RAW and vulnerable...which makes me a bit nervous. Thank you for taking the time to read and provide feedback!

I would love to hear your thoughts concerning the following:

If you needed a major breakthrough, would you rather get help by reading someone's personal journey (healing through connection and gleaning) or get a step-by-step guide (straight to the point, information-driven)?

Is the book TOO raw, too detailed, and too personal? Did it trigger you negatively while reading my story?

Would you prefer to have more Bible-teaching narratives or have spiritual messages threaded throughout my personal journey?

When you have read books in the past with a list of questions or bullet points at the end of the chapter, have you honestly gone through each one? (In all transparency, I usually skip this page because I just want the "meat" not an overview, but I am curious to hear your thoughts).

Any other thoughts or feelings that came up while reading this chapter?

Any other ideas or suggestions that would make this book more powerful, not only for you (if you're struggling with a soul tie) but also for any other woman of God you may know?

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