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The Love & Miracles Collective

Private Membership Group

The Love & Miracles Collective is a private membership group of women that includes genuine connections with Sarita and other sisters in Christ, as well as exclusive coaching content you can't get anywhere else but here!

Membership: Welcome

This is the reassuring community of women you've been hoping to connect with!

Here are just a few things you have in common:

  • You want to please God

  • You want to find love

  • You want to find purpose & meaning

  • You want more contentment & joy

  • You want to be more focused & disciplined

  • You desire to live a life of peace & make a real impact

Membership: Headliner

Sarita A. Foxworth

"I created this group to help women of God who want the same things out of life connect with one another, and build lasting friendships, while also serving as their life coach, teacher, and sister in Christ."

Membership: Quote

Not your average membership group...

Membership: Text

You're not an average woman. Join a group of other extraordinary women like you to support & encourage one another!

Membership: Headliner

This is the group of women God wants you to connect with if...

Membership: List

You're passionate about the things of God

You have a strong desire to make meaningful impact with your life

You welcome new connections and true sisterhood

You're interested in working with Sarita

You're seeking a safe, non-judgmental space to express your thoughts, desires and hopes

If you answer YES to at least two of those points, you're in the right place!

Group Membership Includes*

Group Coaching

Virtual & Live Life Classes

Private Social & Coaching Events

Pre-Release Book Previews

Luxe Gift Box Subscription*

Day Retreats

Access to Member-Only Classes, Courses & Resources

Private One-on-One Coaching*

Access to our beautiful Member-only online community

*Dependent on membership level chosen

Membership: List

Your new tribe has found you. Will you accept the invitation?

Membership: Text

Membership Tiers

Introductory Pricing Options


Group Coaching Plan

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Monthly Life Class

  • Unlimited Access to Life's Purpose and Wife Prep Classes


One-on-One Coaching Plan

  • All Ruby Tier Options

  • Monthly One-on-One Life Coaching

  • Unlimited Access to Life Coaching & Business Programs

  • Access to all Digital Guides and downloads

Diamond Elite

 Custom Coaching Plan

  • All Emerald Tier Options

  • All Access Coaching- up to 3 sessions

  • Quarterly Luxe Gift Box

  • Love & Miracles Retreat VIP ticket

  • Optional Book Marketing & Sales Mastermind Add-on

Memberships automatically renew each month at the advertised price on the same day you initially sign up. There is a STRICT no-refund policy, but you may cancel your membership at any time before the next month's renewal date.

Membership: Price List

How it works

Sample coaching flow each month

This is how a woman's life coaching membership plan may flow each month at full participation, adjusting the options and opportunities to fit her personal schedule.

Membership: List

Ruby Member

Light Coaching

She meets monthly for a life class (such as THE LIFE PURPOSE CLASS) followed by a group coaching session.

She watches and downloads Life's Purpose and Wife Prep classes as needed throughout the month to work through at her own pace.

She also gets first access to exclusive coaching offers, discounts, book club meetings, private calls, etc.

Emerald Member

Intensive Coaching

In addition to everything included with Ruby membership, she also meets with Sarita for one-on-one private coaching each month.

She watches and downloads self-paced coaching programs (such as THE PROPHETIC WOMAN 6-WEEK COACHING PROGRAM) as needed and desired.

She also gets exclusive discounts on all in-person coaching programs, social events, and Love & Miracles Retreat tickets.

Diamond Elite Member

Premium Coaching

In addition to everything included with Emerald membership, she gets up to three, one-on-one coaching sessions and can call/text Sarita for support in between sessions as needed. Her customized coaching focus is not limited to life coaching, but may include book writing, publishing, and/or start-up business coaching.
She also watches and downloads optional self-paced coaching programs for book marketing and sales in addition to life coaching programs.
One VIP-ticket for the Love & Miracles Luxury Retreat is included with her membership.

Coaching Client Testimonials

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Membership: Video
Membership: Video
Membership: Video

Your new sister circle has found you. Will you accept the invitation?

Membership: Text

I look forward to working with you!

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Membership: Text
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